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  We gave them new jeans, and they were surprised and happy to receive the gifts. We prayed and tried to help as much as we could. She was turning tricks – prostituting in order to survive. She told us that she didn't want to prostitute, but didn't know any other way to survive. We encouraged her to go home to her father and to leave this life. Within two weeks I called her and she told me she left the streets and was home with her father. Thank God.

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The gift of Socks led her to Leave Prostitution and go home. 


I remember one night I was out giving away socks in a cold November night. I handed a pair of Socks to a 19 year old Caucasian girl. She was so much in need, that she sat on the sidewalk to change her socks. After she slipped them on, she had to thank me, “Hey, Man thanks for the Socks!!” I just smiled and began to speak to her. We developed a friendship between us and the other helpers. She left home recently and became homeless in NYC.


We took she and a male friend out for food one evening and got to learn more about them. She lead us to a park where 30 young people were living homeless.

The Gift of Socks Leads her to Leave Prostitution

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